Current work

I am managing the development of the CDS Portal, a single entry point to access all CDS services.

I am also deeply involved in the development of tools and standards related to the Virtual Observatory for astronomy.

Here is a list of topics I am currently involved in :
  • Development of several new features in Aladin, a widely used Virtual Observatory portal
  • Web 2.0 for data centres : an annotations service for CDS data, developed in the frame of the Euro-VO AIDA project
  • Positional cross-identification of astronomical tables
  • SimPlay (Simbad disPlay), a simple visualizer for Simbad data developed in Flex
  • PLASTIC/SAMP, a messaging protocol allowing interoperability between astronomical desktop tools
  • Technical coordinator at CDS level for the VOTech project
  • Instrumental footprints:
    • Design and implementation of a format for the description of instrumental footprints
    • Developement of a footprint editor

Some prototype developments:
Last update : October 2010